Story & Style. That’s the defining creative philosophy of wardrobe stylist Georgie Perrins—also known as Puppet Horse. From the comedic and the fantastical, to every walk of lifestyle, her work spans the storytelling spectrum, and adorns the narratives of print & TV advertising, editorial, and music video.

But the Puppet Horse way is about more than creative output alone. In the high-pressure world of production, Georgie is known for being grace-under-fire, and bringing her collaborative, hyper-organized, and problem-solving approach to meet any challenge.

Born and raised in England, and a California resident for over 15 years, Georgie started her career in San Francisco where she was a long-time collaborator with renowned Bay Area photographer/director Mark Holthusen.

Now with her sights set on the storytelling mecca that is Los Angeles, Georgie operates from her home studio in the Hollywood Hills. When not on set, you can find her scouring LA’s boutique and vintage shops, or happily Instagramming her way through old Hollywood neighborhoods.

“To me, wardrobe styling is another form of storytelling. And telling stories through the language of clothing is my passion as a stylist. Whether it’s a Coleridge-inspired late 18th century sailor, a Lolita-tribe Harajuku girl, or simply a group of friends on a gorgeous road trip—I love creating authentic characters that are true to the story we are trying to tell”